Guidelines for Vendors

Alfabee is a gateway for restaurants to approach to an immeasurable foodie community. Here are some points to be remembered:

  • Maintain catalogue update: Though our team is always busy to update information on Alfabee, yet we highly encourage you to inform us when your catalogue needs an update. Customers appearing late may complain (Alfabee may as well) if you change your timings and do not update in your catalogue.
  • Say NO to beseeching reviews: Please your customers so much so that they cannot help giving you review rather than imploring them for it. So say NO to beseeching reviews by presenting any kind of reimbursement.
    • Don’t render any gift, discounts etc as a settlement for reviews
    • Don’t present enticements for customers or users to remove reviews
    • Don’t motivate any kind of contest between your employees to accumulate reviews
    • Don’t collaborate with companies or PR agencies in order to secure reviews or rating
    • Foodie get together is permitted but it should be kept in mind that reviews through such gatherings should have a disclaimer beside it so that it becomes clear that this review has been established on this get together. An invitation to such a get together does not mean that the customer or use have to give positive review.
    • Alfabee encourages only such business parties whose customers do not anticipate any kind of offers in lieu of writing positive reviews for them
    • A disclaimer will be triggered on the page of your restaurant to inform Alfabees that your reviews are apprehensive, if we found any direct or indirect proof of your beseeching reviews.
  • React to disparagement positively: As long as there are customers there will be negative reviews. Even if that review seems unjustifiable you need to take it positively in order to make your services better. Such reviews should be thought beneficial and a chance to improve your services. Do not ever respond in a bitter way since you cannot remove or change your reply later. Therefore use polite words for answering such reviews.
  • Be liable: If there is a review posted on some dubious activities of your restaurant (like providing shisha when it is not allowed, presenting alcohol to adolescent or keeping your restaurant open later than allowed) Alfabee will not curb it. Alfabee may not curb or remove any reviews by third party service provider rather such reviews will be saved if it circumscribes to our guidelines. One should be invulnerable in this field and straightforward reviews about owners, employees or any individual act is not taken personally.
  • Don't accommodate: There may be such a customer who can threat you of bad reviews and in return require benefits it shows that such attitude has been endured erstwhile. Customers offered complementary meal for rating low back to the restaurant is equally wrong. Such problems influence whole community hence everyone should moderate their dominance. Do report such customers who get involved in such activities.
  • Restaurant owners, employees and all those who are associated with us with business interests are not allowed to give their reviews on Alfabee to make the content on Alfabee neutral. No doubt your passion for food may induce you to share your experiences but being in the field with Alfabee may naturally incline you to biased review.

Significantly, we (Alfabee) do not encourage paid reviews. Do not trust any visitor who claims to be an official blogger, worker for reviewing or partner of Alfabee. Alfabee’s employees are not permitted to beseech unusual protocol or free lunch on the base of ethics and contract. Report any such activity on (alfabee mail address). If it can be proved proper action will be initiated against such employees.