Privacy Policy

Alfabee is concerned about securing your privacy. This page (along with other sections on it) clarifies our customers who place order through our page or the random visitors of this page that how their information is accumulated and used by our site while giving you our service. Please go through these terms and conditions before using our website.

Contact details about us

In case of any query or request about our privacy policy you can drop a line to us through our email (email id of Alfabee).

Collecting your personal information

We take your personal data when you use our services by either visiting our page or when you place an order. We also collect your personal information when you interact with us or when you complete any customer survey. We accumulate your personal data:

  1. When you create an account on our website or make changes on it
  2. When you order to buy something from our website
  3. When you show your willingness to have interaction with you through email, phone, post
  4. When you contact us yourself through email, phone or any other source
  5. When you use our site or browse it before creating an account on our site

Kind of information we collect

Since we are highly concerned about your privacy and its protection hence we want to clarify the kind of information we collect about you.
When you place an order on our website we collect your information by asking your name, contact details, delivery address, and detail about your order and source of payment (debit or credit card information). In case of buying age restricted items, we may collect information about your date of birth to confirm your age.

We take your information when you post any kind of message on our site or interact with us through your feedback through email, letter or phone.
We also collect technical information from your device like IP address of your mobile device when you contact us or operating system of computer through which you contact us. We also collect information about the type of connection.

We collect information about your mobile device when you use our services through it like the QR code or use of vouchers.

Using your information

We are wholly concerned about your privacy which is why we would only use your information when there is a reason for doing so. Moreover, we would do so only when data protection law permits.

We use your information when you request us to provide you with our services or you make a contract with us. We use information about you to provide you with the services you have requested. We also use it in order to give you access to the related parts of our site, to sort out any issue you face while making an order or having our services and to collect payment.


Cookies are tiny messages, positioned on your computer or any other device you are using through the websites you visit. Cookies are used to run the websites smoothly. You can change settings of your device in order to get a notification when website access or place cookies. You can also wholly turn down the access to cookies. Some parts of the website will become inaccessible for you if you turn down or disable our cookies.